About STP


STP has a long history of experience in delivering products to give you maximum performance from your car. Now, STP is a well-recognised global brand with a strong range of oils, additives and coolants.


Starting in the US in 1954, three business men with a mere $3,000 in start-up capital launched the first product under the Scientifically Treated Petroleum brand, now better known as STP. That product was STP Oil Treatment.

In 1969 STP became a public corporation and shares went on the American stock exchange under the symbol STP, hence the current brand name and symbol. The brand launched its first petrol treatment in 1960 and, after experiencing strong global growth in the 1970’s, STP was eventually acquired by Chicago-based Esmark Inc.


In the early 1980s, STP vigorously explored diversification possibilities and put additional emphasis on its research and development programs. The business was then acquired in 1984 by Beatrice Companies.

Following numerous other acquisitions over the years, STP was eventually acquired from the Clorox Company in 2010 by Avista Capital. Avista Capital set up the automotive specialists business Armored Auto Group, which STP is now still part of globally. Since then STP has continued to grow its range of products to encompass a full range of oils, additives and coolants.

It was around 40 years ago that STP entered the Australia and New Zealand markets with the launch of STP Oil Treatment. Leveraging global expertise and research and development programs, STP has since grown its local range to include a full set of oil, fuel, diesel, engine, and multipurpose products.

Initially STP global brand growth and profitability came from strong word-of-mouth and a link with racing. Over the years STP continued to drive growth through a strong association with motorsports, starting in 1963 when the brand expanded its marketing efforts through auto and boat racing. Eventually, STP sponsored its own Indy Car racing team, featuring Mario Andretti, the winner of the 1969 Indianapolis 500.

In 1972 STP signed NASCAR Champion Richard Petty, and so began one of the most successful, and longest, sponsorship relationships in motorsport. Petty hung up his helmet in 1992, but nearly two decades later, the iconic STP Day-Glo red and ‘Petty Blue’ race colours were once again on track, heralding STP‘s return to top-line motorsport in its native USA.

In Australia, Allan Grice drove the STP car in the Australian Touring Cars during the early 1980s. STP then joined the V8 Supercars as an official sponsor of the 2011 season and as part of the Official Pedder’s STP Safety Car program. STP continued this sponsorship as the Official Oils, Additives and Coolants of the Championship series 2012-2013.

STP has also been involved in Sprint Cars, World Rally, Australian Rally Championship and Le Mans, as well as supporting ground speed record, and grass rout programs globally, just to name a few. STP plans to continue this association with motorsport to deliver peak performance for teams and drivers around the globe.

More importantly, STP is committed to continually delivering on the promise that has, for years, been the reason people rely on STP products: STP products give you the “power” to get maximum performance from your car.

We look forward to a bright future of partnering with you to find new and better ways to make vehicles perform at their best.

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